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Welcome to Access Pharmacy

We aim to provide high quality pharmacy services with convenience and easier accessibility to the Community, Our Seniors, Long Term Care Facilities and Care Givers.


The Access Pharmacy Difference (Fast Friendly Service)

Access Pharmacy is a  locally owned, independent pharmacy, managed by licensed Pharmacists, who, not only specializes in pharmaceutical care, but also understands the individual needs of patients and caregivers.


Being independent, we at Access Rx can provide solutions for your special pharmacy needs without the Red Tape. Whether its credit, delivery, shipping, special orders or custom packaging, we have a solution for you.


With the aid of the latest in pharmacy software technology, we are making our services more efficient in improving medication management and compliance thereby producing better health outcomes. This includes electronic prescribing, Refill Reminders, Medication Synchronization, Rx ready notification, website refills, mobile applications and recurring payment options.


Medication Compliance and Adherence

Last year $329 Billion were lost on unnecessary medical bills. This could have been avoided if patients would have taken the medications prescribed by their physicians correctly. And 1 out of every 10 instances were nonadherence was caused by a patient simply being late getting a refill. This is why, we,  at Access Pharmacy have a state of the art computer system that can assist you with refill reminders, either by text, e-mails or voice calls.


Non-Adherence to medications causes unnecessary complications, esp. medications for high blood pressure/heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes,  which can include heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, end-stage renal disease and vision loss.


Nutritional Supplementation

The use of Vitamins, herbs and  Supplements are becoming ever-more widely used as adjuncts in the treatment of certain medical conditions, therefore we at Access Pharmacy  are  Integrating Conventional and Complementary Medicine, so at our pharmacy we will not only provide you with professional advice on medications but also supplements that may benefit or harm you by screening for drug interactions as well as over-the-counter and natural medicines which may interfere with your prescriptions or medical conditions.


Pharmacists are best equipped and most accessible to provide professional advice on Supplementation. ASK YOUR PHARMACIST

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