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Do we accept all insurance Plans?


Yes, we bill more than 9000 insurance plans, so the likeliness of us billing your insurance is great.


How you you transfer your prescription to us?


Transfering to us is easy, just let us know where you previously filled your prescription and we will do the rest. IF there are refills remaining at that pharmacy we will transfer it immediately, should there be NO Refilss remaining, we will contaact the Prescriber for you.


Do we carry a full inventory of Prescriptions?


Yes we have a large selection of on-hand inventory in stock. If for some reason, we do not have an item in stock, we will guarantee it on the very next day. We also dispense Specialty drugs, for diseases such as Oncology, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Heapatitis and HIV.


Can I store a credit card on file for recurring payments?


Absolutely, we can store your credit card number on file, in an encrypte form, so that we may charge future purchases

Credit cards accepted over the phone during business hours.
What if i forget to pick up my prescription?
We can remind you to pick up your prescription by the form of texting on your mobile device or an e-mail. We will hold you prescription for seven days. After those seven days, we will be glad to refill your prescription upon your request.
Can I pick up my Mother's prescription? What information do I need?
Yes. You must show the proper identification and you must be an authorized caregiver for the patient whose prescription you are picking up.
Can you help me with Medicare Part D questions?
Yes, we have trained Medicare Part D professionals on staff.
If I have no refills left, can I still request a refill online?
Yes, we will contact your physician for you to request a refill. You will be required to enter your phone number so we may contact you at a later time. Refill authorizations from your doctor usually take 3 business days.

How can I get my prescriptions after hours?


You can reach us on the emergency after hours hotline at 206-910-0690 and we will gladly assist you.

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